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How do you Coordinate Outfits?

The answer to what will I wear today?

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I have a wardrobe groaning with clothes. Worse still I can never find anything because I have so much stuff. 

So recently I went through all my clothes and organised everything into colour coordinated outfits.

Bliss as now I will never have to scratch my head and say "What am I going to wear today?" -- because all the outfits are lined up like fillies at the starting gates. 

The impetus for all this came from this picture here. 

I was walking through a shop and saw that they were displaying all their scarves on an old ladder. 

I had scarves everywhere, so I replicated something similar at home and surprisingly, once you get something like your scarves in order you feel like tackling the rest of your wardrobe. 

I have long used a colour wheel to help me coordinate outfits. A colour wheel is an artist's tool that tells you the colours that work harmoniously with each other. (They are readily available in artist supply shops or online.) 

But not having an artistic background, I can't say I was very good at working out a total look. It simply meant that I'd coordinate outfits by complementary colours - the simplest combination possible of the colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. 

As you can see below there are a host of other options. 

There were two things I found really useful when I set about the task of coordinating all my wardrobe into outfits. 

The first was Pinterest. Like most people, I knew about it but hadn't realised how fantastic it is for setting up a page where you pin pictures of outfits you like the look of. 

They are already colour coordinated so all you really need to do is replicate the outfit with bits and pieces from your own wardrobe. 

It not only gives you great outfit ideas but also makes you aware of what is missing from your wardrobe. For example, I have decided I definitely need a white jacket so I can pull lots of my pinned outfits together. 

The other was finding an app that does all the co-ordination for you. In the end I decided on a free app called Haute that has only been outs since July 2014. 

Instead of getting out a colour wheel it has an inbuilt camera that allows you to take a quick shot of the colour you are trying to coordinate.

Say for example you get a red top out of your wardrobe. You point the camera at the colour, it registers that colour and then gives you a series of options about what else you could wear with that colour. It includes not only other clothes (in a range of coordinated colours) but also shoes and handbags. 

It is not perfect as it does not include jewellery but it is huge leap in the right direction in co-ordinating your outfits without you having to do all the work. 

It is a bit like having your own personal style assistant.

It has outfits for both men and women and you can save combinations if you like them and want to replicate them again. 

So that's where I have got up to in my search for help with my wardrobe. So any other suggestions out there on coordinating outfits?



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